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Message Subject Can't find a job.
Poster Handle darkwolf007
Post Content
I've been trying to find a job for over 3 months.

Out my app in everywhere, even places like McDonald's,Taco Bell, janitor at the hospital, etc.

I'm 20 years old, male, clean background,HS Diploma, don't do drugs.

What gives?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22079895

This is why I've begun the process of getting on Disability here in Texas. My town just has almost no jobs whatsoever. The very few jobs that are available are extremely contested peon jobs such as McDonald's, Taco Bell, and other service/fast food jobs. My field is the IT field. There's not alot of technology jobs here in my town. I can't afford a vehicle of my own because I can't get a job. Welfare/Disability is the only foreseeable path for me to getting ANY source of income while I'll have a brighter mentality towards looking for a job abroad once I do get a vehicle of my own so I can go to nearby cities that does have much better technology infrastructures than my town. My last job back in November of '05, the owner of the place who hired me told me that I had to fight for my job and even that I'm vastly overqualified for virtually EVERY job in town. Which means that I must absolutely get out of town to find a job. Good luck, AC/OP, to find an appropriate job for yourself. Especially a job that won't leave you even more in despair than when you were without a job.
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