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Message Subject Can't find a job.
Poster Handle Rinty
Post Content
If no record of felonies and a US citizen then try Mil Sealift. It is a good doorway. You are still a civilian.
We are going like Europe. You don't see 18 wheelers all over Europe like here in the US. Soon you will see much fewer here. They don't need them in Europe as they have full sea cabotage. A part of the Jones Act was changed to build roads and sell cars and trucks. It limited most everything to 2 ports, Elizabeth City and Long Beach. If you took something from, say China, into one port and then shipped to another port in the US it would add another 12% onto rate. That is being undone. LaHood, the present Sec. of Transportation, is opening 40.........Forty....., more ports, East, West, Gulf and Great Lakes.
Get in any door that you can on this. You can email me on side for more.
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