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Message Subject Can't find a job.
Poster Handle darkwolf007
Post Content
Same here OP. Us GLP folk are black balled...
 Quoting: LostReality33

You know, LostReality33, I'd call bullshit on that if it wasn't for the fact that on numerous other conspiracy sites and forums I've found strong evidence where people have lost their jobs, and even their livelihoods for being a part of the "conspiracy theory" scene. So you might be onto something there, LostReality33.
 Quoting: darkwolf007

Wahhhhh... If You're on this site. You know freedom of speech is an illusion. Do you want a job or a voice. Choose carefully and deal with the consequences. You have heard of an IP address correct?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31963708

You say that crap, AC, as if jobs are plentiful. I'd much rather have both a voice AND a job. However only an idiot, apparently such as yourself, would believe once you have a job you lose your voice in anything. And IP addresses can only work for a short amount of time, and only work the best with static IP addresses. You know next to nothing about Internet Technologies, AC, ya fear monger.
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