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Message Subject NASA there may be 17 billion Earth-like planets in Milky Way
Poster Handle Barbara P. Strigoi
Post Content
 Quoting: Mister Obvious

I'm trying to contribute ... but when i try to do something good people ignore me
 Quoting: Barbara P. Strigoi

I know how you feel, Barbara P., happens to me very frequently. The vast majority of the people here would much rather fight each other and otherwise keep egging on fights than actually be helpful to each other. I guess that's far too difficult for people with an IQ below that of 2. As for your link, Barbara, this isn't aimed at you but at NASA: "Duhhh, ya think, Captain Obvious!?". Listen to NASA too often and you'll wind up suicidally depressed over "We got LOTS of alien brethren around us! They're just on another planet in this star system therefore it's unfeasible to ever go!". Bullshit it is! With one or more positive and even neutral alien species we can open trade routes and seriously help freely give jobs away like candy to needy people on this planet while helping to put a permanent end to this ever worsening global depression we're sinking deeper and deeper into.
 Quoting: darkwolf007

That would be interesting
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