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Message Subject NASA there may be 17 billion Earth-like planets in Milky Way
Poster Handle darkwolf007
Post Content
The operational phrase here is "may be".

WOW, it that's even possible, let's give NASA
one trillion a year, or let's borrow a trillion
from China, and give it to NASA,
to investigate.

NASA should be THE FIRST useless agency shut down.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31991224

From what I've researched about NASA over the years, in order to restore credibility in NASA and make NASA worthwhile of a worthy Department of the U.S. Government would be to get rid of the current useless suits controlling shit there. I don't doubt one second that many of the employees working there are very good people doing their best to make sure they help to fulfill the dreams of a dying nation. The second thing would be actually give NASA an actual budget and to restore what Obama gutted the hell out of NASA in the first place. Seeing as it's already proven time and time again that the highest levels of NASA are in regular/near constant contact with various alien life forms we actually make them publically known and start to be publically friendly with them instead of behind closed doors and in secret as if their very existences are some deep dark secret that only a select few "elite" are deserving to know. Fuck them and everyone like them! Everyone else deserves to have a chance to be friendly with one or more alien species, and to quit being so goddamn xenophobic because Hollywood has seemingly permanently instilled it in EVERYONE'S heads that it's considered right to be hateful, xenophobic, and just plain evil to everyone and everyone that's not Human.
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