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Message Subject NASA there may be 17 billion Earth-like planets in Milky Way
Poster Handle Barbara P. Strigoi
Post Content

Stop having a victim mentality and maybe others will better perceive your intentions !

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

I'm not criticizing you or saying this in a bad way at all, just some friendly advice ! hf
 Quoting: subzero86

There's not much I'd trust off of Wikipedia, subzero86. Ever since it was proven that Wikipedia is a psyop all within itself, I've been pretty weary of Wikipedia. While I don't believe there's such thing is a "Victim Mentality", I do understand that feeling negative about how one will be treated on a forum even when one has the best of intentions can do even worse harm upon's mental/psychological state. I find it intriguing that there's been plenty of bullshit threads here on this site and virtually they're all treated serious and other positives while serious threads put up with positive intentions get the living hell beat out of them. So I like to call bullshit on the whole "Victim Mentality".
 Quoting: darkwolf007


I think this place is full of trolls ..
 Quoting: Barbara P. Strigoi

In fact, I've been wondering for years now if Trinity and many of the Mods here enjoy having trolls and shills replacing those of us who'll actually contribute valuable stuff here. I've been banned quite a few times here since I initially joined this site. The reasons never making alot of sense to me or really any sense to me. Cussing up a storm? Nope not get banned, but start talking about how Trinity mysteriously got ALL of the money for the very little discussed online remote controlled telescope that costed at least $250,000 and I got banned for that. Talk about how bad things have gotten here over time because the Mods and Trinity don't do shit against the trolls and shills but seem to encourage the negativity as if they literally feed off of negative or Corrupt energies themselves, and I got banned once making a post. The best thing I can think of is when Trinity banned me and lots of others all at once is it's an extortion racket. He says one thing about "It's about protecting GLP.", yeah, OK! I've seen similar threads vanish here on GLP from AC's and actual members from this site who've bitched about what I've been bitching about. I don't know if those members got banned for their rightful bitchin' though. While I can tolerate stupid ass trolls, it's alot worse when good conversations wind up derailed by trolls and shills who'll attract attention to stupid shit and what seems to be a rapidly growing number of people who'd rather follow suit with the trolls and or shills than keep up a good conversation going.
 Quoting: darkwolf007

I'm sure they enjoy trolls LOL

I think having some trolls is good sometimes.... but i understand what you mean
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