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Message Subject They are getting scared. Sandy Hoax talked about on Anderson Cooper
Poster Handle The Sonic Dreamer
Post Content
This is certainly interesting news, thank you OP for this post! 5,p

Now, I consider this:

1. A couple days ago, the Florida college professor, expert in conspiracy and tenured at his college, publishes his article calling into question the Sandy Hook event.

2.***The shills on GLP in the past two days have become of a much higher caliber. The shills no longer say things like "Leave the poor family alone!" or "You cold-hearted jerks, just believe the story the news tells you!" etc.
The shills now say, "You make a good point, and it *may* be plausible, but now is not the time for this. Allow the families to complete the grieving process, and when the official police story comes out, then blah, blah, blah." or the shills will even say things now such as: "I agree, that particular inconsistency you mention is odd...but it doesn't make this a conspiracy. 26 kids were killed by Adam Lanza."
Some shills even come on here and trumpet the weirdest things, the completely unsubstantiated things, such as LIBOR. There is zero evidence of a LIBOR connection in the Sandy Hook event, but is causes confusion and is a major red herring. (Look over here at my right hand, never mind my left.)

3. Anderson Cooper mentions the Sandy Hook truth movement and vilifies it, and Salon.com publishes an article intended to demonize and humiliate the Sandy Hook truth movement.

coincidence? There are no coincidences when it comes to the mainstream media. Every move is thought out at least a few moves in advance. Just like how Mr. J0NES fell into the trap, like a fool. But, they are not omniscient. They will make mistakes, and they have. We must use their own evidence against them! We continue to compare the inconsistencies using msm interviews and videos and photos!
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