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Message Subject They are getting scared. Sandy Hoax talked about on Anderson Cooper
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I can tell you definitively why TPTB are doing this. The MSM is taking all of the false assertions from Sandy Hook (the well has definitely been poisoned) and using them to make all Sandy Hook conspiratorial assertions look outlandish to its viewers. Most of the actor/ actress claims are simply crap and the segment I just viewed focused on, you guessed it, only the most outrageous claims. To start with,Dallas Goldbug (or whatever his name is) is about 90% incorrect with his ridiculous claims (wellaware1.com). I was "well aware" of his site long before December 14th and had already come to the conclusion that he is DI (disinformation). The ONLY actor/ actress that I CANNOT debunk is Jennifer Greenberg Sexton and her brother/ husband (I'm NOT saying necessarily that Mrs. Sexton and Mrs. Phelps are one in the same). I do have to swear that to the best of my knowledge her picture was posted on his site as a crisis actor BEFORE Sandy Hook. The rest of his claims are total garbage- anyone with just a little common sense can look at the facial structure of most of his "dead ringers" and scratch our heads in the name of "I want what he's smoking."

So as I watched the Anderson Cooper segment, he rightly focused on all of the well poisonings:
1. The Obama/ Parker family picture where it is alleged that the little girl in Obama's lap is Emilie. Sorry people but this is NOT the case; obviously, the girl in his lap is a younger sister wearing Emilie's hand-me-down clothing. I must admit that originally I was fooled as well. Anderson Cooper called this claim "outrageous" and, well, it is.
2. The claim that the school principal, Mrs. Hochsprung, is really a crisis actress (Marguerite Mckenna). This is also a ridiculous assertion. Mrs. Hochsprung's sister called into the show (purportedly) and talked live to Cooper and was totally miffed at finding this on the internet last night.

That said, someone please debunk the Jennifer Sexton/ Phelps assertion and I'll say that this entire "crisis actor playing victims" is 100% well poisoning. If any reader here thinks I'm a troll, you are 180 degrees incorrect. I have been involved in the past in uncovering real truths and I haven't liked the way this actor assertion has smelled from the start- and now it explodes on the MSM?!? The well has been poisoned just in time for the Mainstream, Thanks to a conspiracy theorist's ranting and raving on Piers Morgan, to discredit ANYONE who finds an inconsistency in the official story.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31550688

There you fell into the freaking trap I am talking about.
You think now if Sexton-Phelps is proved a disinfo poisoning the well, then you think crisis actors are a hoax when they are real. Sexton-Greenberg is the fake hoax.

They have a website for the Crisis actors and that is just one company.
It is big business to offer role players by contractors to various agencies of the government used in their training and drills. I know this for a fact.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1482838

I'm very aware of Real crisis actors in addition to the Sexton Greenberg assertion. 90% of the specific actors' assertions floating around is absolute BS and most of it poisons the well; AC has already leaked it into the mainstream. Look- I'm 100% positive that this event is, at the VERY least, being exploited to abolish the second amendment and more likely is a complete false flag operation. I'm saying that I personally have concluded all of the specific actor/ actress claims are BS except Sexton/Phelps, which I cannot personally debunk.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31550688

I am "well aware" of the bullshit Sexton-Greenberg disinfo that got "leaked" to the MSM.

It is planted to discredit the crisis actors and that these events are accompanied by a drill and media psy-op.

You should be ashamed for disseminating this crap that has been fed to you via Ed Chiarini and the other intenet shills on this website.

Let me break it down for you. Hank Greenberg of AIG is not role-playing in this psy-op.
Neither is John Goodman.
That photo album you all think is the holy grail of every single psyop that the government agencies throw down, was invented by the same shills. It has been brought out and these same people named every time.
What kind of jackass thinks that millionaires and billionaires are putting their faces out there in connection to this? Or Aurora? Or Tucson?

Those sites are a honeypot. They got your IP address.
And you do them a big favor by posting this stuff on websites and alternate news sites to discredit the people trying to investigate the best they can.
If battle lines are being drawn, you are on the wrong side of the people who want the truth.
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