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Message Subject They are getting scared. Sandy Hoax talked about on Anderson Cooper
Poster Handle Kissplash
Post Content
Anderson is obviously a well-paid man. Well enough that he would NEVER bring up real journalistic evidence against TPTB, the media, or the gubberment.

Real evidence such as the Sandy Hook map from Batman. Ones such as a car that was photographed being yellow-taped and then towed that couldn't possibly have been there as it was getting a ticket somewheres else at the same time. Parents that didn't identify their own children except by way of a normal picture of them(is this even legal not to be able to see your underage child in person to identify?--even mothers who have lost babies in birth get to hold them, name them, dress them--and most do because it's natural to want to hold your child in the hopes that they will somehow not be gone). People that had money-grab sites up on dates BEFORE Sandy Hook even happened. So much evidence! I won't even get into the pics that were obviously Photoshopped by someone. Who? Why would parents switch their children's heads and cut off their legs and NOT tell them to get their hands outta their mouths right before a picture and then send it in to the media? Who would you have a child wear a dress that was her sisters when it's obvious to me they have plenty of pretty dresses. Why are there so many smiles and parents--and always, always the same few--forgiving the shooter two days later?

There is evidence my friends that we have been duped and they have rubbed it in our faces. They are getting ready to censer the internet completely? Do you understand? Do you care? When the voice of the public is forcibly taped shut and they take your guns and they take your homes right after will you wish you had listened to the reasoned minds on here who are just trying to help you wake up to the truth at hand? What would you do if it was a conspiracy? Will you wish you had listened to the blogging professor...or androit Anderson?
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