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Message Subject They are getting scared. Sandy Hoax talked about on Anderson Cooper
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

 Quoting: JackBlue

Did you see the part where the twitchy reporter guy stands right next to the professors mail box, obviously showing his address to the world...

Fuck, I would say this guy has put himself directly in the firing line...

 Quoting: Saddletramp

I also noticed Coop kept making a big deal out of the fact that a small part of this guys salary is paid with taxpayer dollars...

So fuckin' what Cooper...a LARGE part of your salary is paid with taxpayer dollars...
 Quoting: Saddletramp

Right on Saddletramp! I noticed that too. It sounds like Cooper thinks anyone paid with taxpayer dollars should give up his or her First Amendment right to freedom of speech. The Prof makes it clear that he is an individual putting forth his own opinions, so the university also has no authority to censor him.
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