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Message Subject They are getting scared. Sandy Hoax talked about on Anderson Cooper
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Check out this guys comment on the Youtube page:

MrFredGoldstein 48 minutes ago
Anderson Cooper is a true American Patriot who cares for the grieving families and victims of this senseless and preventable tragedy.I too am an American Patriot and I can't believe the audacity of these tinfoil conspiracy nuts who torment the survivors and spit on the graves of the children. There should be laws against conspiracy thugs !
 Quoting: Requiemdream (Ghost)

There's no question that the (non)reporting from the Lame Stream Media has created more distrust from the informed public and it's tragically unfortunate and cruel when a (real) Sandy Hook Victim family member sees that people are doubting as they are grieving. But look- The media that says a 130 pound lone nut, not been seen by neighbors for 3 years, shot dead 28 people in 5 minutes carrying 60 lbs of weaponry are the same media that told us:

1. Al Qaeda hates us because we are free.
2. Bin Laden did 911 (within hours of the first plane strike).
3. Saddam Hussein tried to buy enriched uranium from Niger.
4. Saddam Hussein had Weapons of mass destruction.
5. We would be greeted as Heroes in Iraq.
6. JFK was killed by a lone gunman.
7. MLK was killed by a lone gunman
8. We SHOULD trust out paperless trail voting machines.
9. WTC Building 7 has collapsed (building 7 was visible in reporter's background but later collapsed).

I could name 100 more mainstream media lies. It's just unfortunate for the (real) victims that the Sandy Hook incident coincidentally occurred 5 weeks after Obama signed the UN Gun Treaty, which further casts doubt upon its authenticity.

I watched Ricki Lake yesterday as she broke down in tears over a cancer-stricken little girl. Her eye whites were red and real liquid tears streamed down her face, which is the way I have ALWAYS known a person to cry. The fact is, I have not seen ONE interview with a Sandy Hook Parent or teacher where a single real tear is present... NOT ONE! (If one exists then show me) Does that mean for sure that Sandy Hook is a Hoax? I have no idea. But what is the likelihood?

And so far, the MSM has not produced a SINGLE piece of solid evidence that supports the official story. To the contrary, EVERY video feed or picture of the actual event I've personally studied seems to show contradictions to the official story. As long as the Media fails to report the true facts, there will be a growing distrust from true Patriots that are paying attention. I ask this question: Whose fault is that- The patriots OR the (non)reporters? . So forgive me for questioning...plllllleeeease!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31550688

the hole of rats goes deep and has many tunnels

part of it is this;
islam is a communist force in the world

and communism is trying to get a foot hold into this country and stop us from being a free people

communism wants to take away our rights to own guns

because this is a threat to someone's agenda

an agenda to make us into -like all the other

muslim countries

slaves afraid of the rulers and the rulers having total control

like what happens in all the muslim countries....

the rat hole is made up of all kinds of players and some sold out long ago
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31503468

Ur first sentence mentoions islam, wrong, go to sleep. This is not about islam, go to bed shillislamist. TY
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