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Message Subject 4 Teens rob, kill and dismember 2..then continue playing video games with dead bodies...
Poster Handle nutmeg
Post Content

For those of you who have Facebook...look at Adam Landerman's page.

Adam Landerman, Joliet, Il
 Quoting: nutmeg

I like his little shout out to Jesus
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22088909

Joshua Miner has a few pics up.

Bethany McKee is "Bethanii Kizziiee Mc Kee" .....sorry...but this is way it's written:

<3 hey , tha names Bethanii[: im 18 , my birtday's July 13 , 94 . i hav a beautiful dauqhtr named Cianna-Renee I'm {TAKEN} am with tha most wonderful man in tha world . i dont hav frends i hav family but very little . i have fuqkd up alot in my past but i reqret any of it because it made me who i am today . favorite color is purple , fav food is hot winqs . i love to play volleyball . i love make up , tattoos && peircinqs . i am a christian , i do beleve in God . i dont hate but do dislike alot . im not perfect but do try my best(: ppl say im a {b.i.t.c.h.} but i just speak my mind&#9829; i do me && dont care what ppl think(: if yhur a quy && like me yhu qit one chance && thats is when yhu fuqk up yhur outa here dont tke shxt from noone ! 'im selfish , impatient && a little insecure , i make mistakes , im out of control && at times hard to handle , but if yhu cant handle me at my worst , yhu sure as hell dont deserv me at my best !' 'tha shxt yhu hear bt me miqht b tru but then aqen , it could b as fake as tha bitch who told yhu' 'Unles yhuv livd my life dont judqe me bkuz yhu dont kno , nevr hav && nevr will kno evry little detail abt me' 'ima slut bkuz ill wear shorts && a tanktop ima bitch bkuz i dont let yhu push me around ima liar bkuz i wont tell yhu evrythinq ima stoopid bekuz sometimes im ronq ima uqly bkuz my face isnt perfect ima whore bkuz i like quys ima losr bkuz im not friends with yhur qroup im weird bkuz im not like yhu im controlinq bkuz q qit mad sometimes im clinqy bkuz i like to b around people im qreedy bkuz i like to b satisfied im conceited bkuz im proud of who i am im unappreciative bkuz I dont praise yhu' <3 Relationship Status: &#10066; Married &#10066; Single {*} doin me
 Quoting: nutmeg

WTF was all that?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17535889

I just edited that post, and added Adam Landerman's wise words. UGH...lost souls.
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