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Message Subject 4 Teens rob, kill and dismember 2..then continue playing video games with dead bodies...
Poster Handle -GLP-Christian-
Post Content
these are the end times

tribulation just around the corner

the BIBle talks about this kind of person rampant in the end times....

prepare and stay safe
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31503468

It HAS to be! I can't imagine how much worse this all can get. Daily murders. Not only murder, but how cold and callous do you have to be to just sit next to the bodies and play video games! We are SO screwed!!!! We have no future with this generation!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15676325

oh....trust me

it will get much worse

the Lord showed me in a few very disturbing dreams

not certain why...but

things will get so bad

in tribulation

no one will remember WHAT a Normal life was like
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31503468

Calm down Christians. We aren't in the end times. We know you want us to be but we aren't. How do you think people felt during the "dark ages"? They thought it was the endtimes then. Same with WW2. Same as you fools are doing now. The next generation will think so also.

Trust me, things aren't that bad. They can be so much worse.

The only endtimes I'm worrying about are the end times that Muslims, Jews, and Christians will try to bring about. There is no greater threat to the world right now then religious zealots trying to bring about the end times.
 Quoting: l3ol3o

What Christians are bringing this about? I know of none.
Nor do I know of any Jews that does, Muslims on the other hand are striving hard to take over the world.

You sound like you've just become used to the dark. Things not being bad, you must very young. It's basically pitch black over here, the government paying for people to mutilate their genitals in my country because some freak thinks it is the other sex, back in the day they used to lock that type of people up now they're spuring them on in their sickness.

Not very dark. Either you're very young or very used to the darkness.

Outlandish shit happening.
Today in my country there will be people demonstrating because the Police shot and killed a robber , they will protest in favour of criminals, that's just beyond words for me.

Your cities are like battle fields and you think it's "mehhh not that bad, could be worse"

I remember your cities they didn't use to be like this.
Juvenile Delinquents were far and few between.

But yeah worry about the war mongering Christians that will start the end times, everyone else blames us for everything else so why not that too, makes sense in a quirky kind of way.
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