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Message Subject What God's Word Says About Self Defense
Poster Handle -GLP-Christian-
Post Content
What we especially have weapons for is so we can protect others lives so we can preach the gospel to them.
The pacifict crowd probably have another Jesus...

Like this article is nice:
God a Man of War

“The Lord is a man of war,” Exodus 15:3

“The God of the armies of Israel,“ 1 Samuel 17:45

“The Lord of Hosts,” Isaiah 47:4
[link to www.learnthebible.org]

Host for those that don't get it is an army.

It's mainly the pacificts fault that so many have died in genocides etc. because they were not able to stop tyrants, they will have some serious explaining to do.

Same as all these gun free zone churches that gets shot up, churches that have loads of armed members never get shot up.

As I said I think many of the pacificts are wolves in sheeps clothing, who else would love to see a Christian unarmed? Why the devil, he tries to steal the word by producing all these modern perversions (like you used for this article, hence he robbed you of the word)
[link to www.av1611.org]
[link to www.av1611.org]

and he tries to rob us of our second weapon: prayer
by having us do all sorts of other stuff.

And he tries to rob us of our protection in this wicked world, an unarmed man is easy to kill.
 Quoting: -GLP-Christian-

Thanks for the links hf
 Quoting: <<TIMEWATCHER>>

You're welcome.
Here's another:
A Biblical Perspective of Self-Defense
[link to www.foxven.com]

Resisting evil, self defense and war
[link to www.letusreason.org]
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