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Message Subject What God's Word Says About Self Defense
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I was recently in a debate with a fool telling me I needed to go to church when I mentioned God telling his disciples to obtain a sword [and pointed out a sword then was the equivalent to a gun today] and he told me 1. His preacher would set me str8 on that and 2. By sword he was talking about a Bible. I asked him "Why did they bring two Bibles back and Christ said that would be sufficient and, how did a guy get his ear cut by the bible? Was it a paper cut?
 Quoting: Darth Hitman

Christians of all denominations distort the Bible.
They pick and choose verses that support their personal
manmade religions and discard what contradicts their

They hammer scripture to suit themselves and you wouldn't
want to be in their shoes, when they have to stand
before Christ.

They violate the very Word of God.
For Example:

"Wine that makes you merry" isn't grape juice,
and they didn't accuse Jesus of being a winebibber,
because He guzzled grape juice, and they didn't
accuse the disciples of being full of wine at
Pentecost because they drank grape juice too early
in the day.

The Catholic church ignores half the Bible which
condemns their practices and contradicts their dogma.

It will only get worse from here on out, until
Jesus Christ returns.
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