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Message Subject What God's Word Says About Self Defense
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You really do need to change it to 'what (MY) god says', because not everyone here subscribes to your vision of reality.
That being said, what if that book were to vanish tomorrow?
What you all you people do without your guidance of scripture. I see you look to it in times of need as a backbone. Where would your faith be if that singular book did not exist? With a different god? With no god?
People should really start putting some faith in themselves, and look for ways to deal with situations outside of looking in ancient scribbles.
I personally don't need to look outward for hope when I need it. I must say it is pretty great. Again though, stop with the definitive monotheism. The world today is too diverse for people to try and fit inside their one little box.
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