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Sandy Hook Tweets / Day of shooting / Before the event ?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1725810
United States
01/11/2013 08:48 PM
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Sandy Hook Tweets / Day of shooting / Before the event ?
First time posting but not new to GLP, so please forgive if this has been posted/addressed before.

Since Sandy Hook event, I've been searching for any information possible. I'm not on Twitter and not very familiar with it, so I have a question.

Through searching, I found a link to a woman's Twitter account who lives in CT and says that she knew Nancy Lanza. She started tweeting about the shootings on the day of, December 14 at 7:12am ("Is this real? A shooter at sandy hook elementary school in Newtown, ct?? All schools are in lockdown") - at 8:15am, she even tweets about the school principal being killed ("Principal shot & killed? Unconfirmed #NewtownSchoolShooting"). There are several other tweets around these times, as well.

My question is, would her tweets be eastern standard time (EST), since she lives in CT? If they are, then that's very strange because that would have been before the shootings had even occurred.