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Message Subject From Enraged Patriot to Apologetic Reason: Pack Your Bags Part 3
Poster Handle Sneetch
Post Content
Also, for the people giving me red (I do love it, keep it coming you "red-blooded patriots" you) , just read FatalW1shes's post about it.

I believe in the First Amendment.

I Do in the Second as well.

You just can't go around posting videos threatening to shoot people. It's not cool, it's stupid and now is the not the time to be threatening shit.

The line in the sand is shakey and I believe it should be drawn when jack booted thugs are kicking in doors and confiscating weapons.

Not now. We still have a voice, we have our vote in the mid term elections. Our fight is with a pen and the internet and email

Contact your senators and congress members and let them hear your voice.

And for Fuck Sake use Tact. You don't threaten or be abusive or say shit that makes you look like an idiot. Oppose bills, and call for sensible or no action.

Yeager is a hot head. His mouth got him in trouble....I'm struggling because he didn't do much more than the Black Panters did...threatening to kill people.

Your rights end when they threaten the rights of another person.....and he did threaten to start shooting "people"

It was s stupid emotional response.
 Quoting: FatalW1shes
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