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Message Subject Young men giving up on marriage: ‘Women aren’t women anymore’
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The "MODERN" American female has a HUGE "ENTITLEMENT" mindset. Very few have common everyday manners wrt how they treat others (note the way they backstab and flake-ie: don't show up when they say they will or do what they say they are going to do) and almost all also feel that they should be catered to ALL THE TIME (or they will allow some other guy who is chasing after them to "catch" them - yes even the married women).

The statistics now say that 70% of ALL married women HAVE HAD AN AFFAIR, which for all practical purposes means that virtaully all average to better looking women HAVE had at least one affair (and of course some have had several). I didn't believe that stat until I was talking to a woman Psychologist and she was telling me that virtually all of her female clients have ONGOING affairs RIGHT NOW, and that AT LEAST 70% have had affairs.

If you just want a "Fling" ... YEP, today's "Modern" woman is GREAT!! Easy to bed, INCLUDING the married ones. First or second date is the norm, and if she is really hard to get she will be a willing partner by the forth date. If you want anything more, such as a long term relationship where she will be faithful or a supportive partner, FORGET IT!!, unless you are a Masochist.

I certainly hope and pray my sons don't marry. If they do I am sure they will learn their lesson early once they find her sleeping around, as she is virtually guaranteed to do within 4 years of getting married.
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