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Message Subject Young men giving up on marriage: ‘Women aren’t women anymore’
Poster Handle Janus198
Post Content
At work. Hot chick gets hired.

I saw a guy walk up to her and tell her he wanted
to swing her around by her braid. He was immediately
and seriously spurned. WTF?

I saw another guy walk up to the same women not five
minutes later, and ask her if there was anything he could
do to make her first day at the job go easier.

They were still talking 30 minutes later, she was smiling,
and he scored a date for the following Fri night.

You get married thinking you got an unpaid slave
with sex benefits, or someone to replace mommy,
you are in big, big trouble.

You might get away with that with some chica, but
the white girls don't play that.

You treat her right, and get to know her as a person,
and would rather pet her than your damn dog, and make
her your 'buddy' which
takes time, you'll be all right in a marriage.

You've got to LIKE the girl as well as WANT the girl.
If you take the girl first, you might never get to the
like part, even if you do marry her.
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