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Message Subject Young men giving up on marriage: ‘Women aren’t women anymore’
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Take a look at ANY dating site and notice a good 92 percent of the women on them already have kids, some by obvious multiple fathers. These same women are no doubt living with their parents, a bf *sucker who doesn't know she is looking to switch johns*, or they are on the welfare system.
These same broads with their multiple children *no doubt multiple personalities as well* think their shit is so diamond encrusted and beautiful they DEMAND that some Joe-schmo must have a nice new car, an excellent job, six pack abs, ripped, etc, etc.
They are perpetual children that still have glittery wall paper, listen to rap or mainstream music, often mention under favorite books description that "They do not read".
They are used up and dumb yet they feel entitled to demand?
Makes zero sense.
I recommend to any single guy who has a hard on just walk on by when you see some broad with multiple kids and thinks she is some sort of goddess.
Pay attention to the signs, save your soul, dick and heart from stds and destruction.
Always wear protection that YOU bought and never let it out of your site, these psychos will punch holes in your condom just to get another check.
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