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Message Subject Young men giving up on marriage: ‘Women aren’t women anymore’
Poster Handle Mickeyblue
Post Content
What obnoxious whiners you men are. Real men do not whine, nor do they blame everything onothers, they shoulder responsibility on their own shoulders and look for reconciliation.

There has been a saying that has existed for millenia, "men are not made for marriage but marriage was made for men".

For whatever reason men are and have always been self centered and nothing has changed. For the real men who understand that and most of them when they are honest willingly admit that, they are the ones who are successful in getting married and staying married.

I think that a lot of what is being said regarding women today is correct and it is certainly not confined to any race, country or even most of the cultures, we have changed. We let you know now that the things that we put up with are not optional any longer, that we have feelings and we have expectations. We also have options supported by law that enable us to excercise alternatives.

Now that we have gotten ourselves into this mess it is time to put the blame game and insults away and work with what we have.

Too many of the last two generations have been overly indulged and have no respect for anything nor each other so it puts huge obstacles in the way of working relationships, even solid friendships are rare today, gender independent of any reason other than not wanting to do the work of maintaining them and , yes, relationships of any kind require tolerance and plenty of work.
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