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Message Subject Young men giving up on marriage: ‘Women aren’t women anymore’
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I was married and my husband cheated - and I'm sure many will blame me for that..all of you men know other men that will cheat even when they have a great woman - so I dont want to hear it.

Regarless,I'm in my 40s, attractive, very sucessful, built a beautiful home, etc. No kids, help my family and friends.

I haven't dated for 12 years..why. Because most men are only looking for someone to take care of them, while they persue selfish interest.

Give me a break - a woman has to work and take care of everything on her own. Pay the bills, clean the house, do the shopping and cooking, hire contractors to fix things around the house while he sits on the couch or watches porn.

LOL.. yes, resonsible, ethical (and yes..attractive) women have changed becasue they're better off alone.

What a joke.
 Quoting: Pamelaantoinette

It works BOTH WAYS you dumb stupid bitch!

Women are NEVER satisfied with anything!. They constantly whinge, complain and chuck a hissy fit when a man doesn't do what THEY want them to do!. So don't give me this fucking bullshit about men being selfish. Women are the most selfish, lying, militant creatures on the planet!.

ALL women really want is cash, cocks and to fuck men over!
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