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Message Subject Young men giving up on marriage: ‘Women aren’t women anymore’
Poster Handle Green Glow
Post Content
Someone please explain how this is all the women's fault? Men have been cheating on women freely since the beginning of time while their women sit at home and wait like fools, wanting, NEEDING sex and a little conversation. Women used to stay at home to keep up the house up and children, only to find out their men had no respect for them at all. Ever seen mad men? I know personally an 82 YO woman who was the Mrs. Draper while her Madison ave hubby and his friends lied and cheated and took advantage of these women.

Men here will blame women for not putting out but this simply isn't true. Others will say its biology and women should accept it and ignore it. Now if those same men had their women cheat all hell will break loose and his heart will be forever broken and every women in the world is the bitch at fault. Women aren't so hard to figure out as men make them out to be. Men just don't want to deal with what women really need then complain that women don't want to deal with their needs. It's hilarious. There's a reason women quit caring and it didn't happen because of feminism alone. Real men understand this and know how to treat their women. Sitting home and playing cod and watching porn while she does everything while sucking your dick isn't the answer. People are hopelessly selfish these days.

And do you men hate feminism or don't you? You complain women are gold diggers and want to stay home and that you don't want to accept responsibility for one, then complain they don't stay home because they work and aren't real women anymore. Makes no sense. Do you want to be a man and provide so she can take care of the house and kids or do you want equal work distribution both financially and at home. The answer is neither. Most want a caregiver who needs nothing in return.

Relationships are partnerships. That means both parts work together or it won't work. Both sexes must have something to bring to the table. Both must understand the duality of men and women and accept it. Unfortunately many men have been brought up in homes with only a mother who both worked and took care of the home and kids. These boys never learned how to be men. They only learned that a women should do everything. Sad. This isn't just a feminism problem folks. So many men don't step up and take care of their own. Single moms don't get that way alone. Women as well as men need to be held accountable.

Men complain that women are whores and dress and act like them and then spend all day and night watching porn until the inevitable ED sets in. What a joke. I feel truly bad for my women friends. I know so many beautiful women that cant get any at home because their husbands are spent on porn and cant get aroused from real sex. And its no surprise these women end up leaving or cheating. I guess that is women's fault too I suppose. Most men don't even know or appreciate what a real women looks like and then chastise women for trying so hard to meet an impossible standard men worship day and night. I am so glad I have a good one. I don't know what on earth I did to escape this modern day dating bullshit but thank god above I did.
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