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Message Subject Young men giving up on marriage: ‘Women aren’t women anymore’
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

If you hav to buy them a present get them a pickaxe.

Men can really love, women do not.
They operate on a different wavelentgh. Men only project their hopes and dreams on women. Women only take advantage of mans hope and love.

They dont love. Not really
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25028055

Nicely put!
yeah, grown men are supposed to waste all of their time and money worshiping objects. it seems like if it isn't something pro-female, the white-knight beta males and useless objects are butthurt over it.

the article clearly says that men are down for this lop-sided legal contract anymore, and guess what? somehow men are in the wrong. nothing new here. i hope you females out there enjoy being alone. most men don't need attention/affection, so we're good
 Quoting: aaaaaaaa1

Useless objects? Yeah, I'm beginning to agree. I may start calling them that.
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