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Message Subject Young men giving up on marriage: ‘Women aren’t women anymore’
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Too many women focus themselves around their kids and the man gets left out and it makes for a lot of unhappy marriages sometimes. They need to feel appreciated.
And another thing I swear I cannot understand, what is this BS with all these women using sex to control their husbands? Then you wonder why he gets resentful? I hear the same shit all the time, "My wife is not interested in sex anymore. Or my wife is frigid and We haven't has sex in months."

Look, you women have to understand, you have to do your wifley duty and fuck the guy, not just once in awhile, or when you feel ike it. You have to do it when you know you don't always feel good, the old headache routine. But not when you're deathly ill, or when there's say, a death in the family,ok? But you women are neglecting your husbands and it DOES make them very resentful.

I don't want to hear the fucking excuses,ok? I don't care about your excuses! Don't tell me that you're so busy with your lives and the kids come first. Then you wonder why he divorces your ass! Get your asses in that bedroom and do your duty, FUCK his eyes out and then you can get back to being a mommy 24/7!

Don't you girls know the rule?
Feed him, fuck him, and put him to bed!That way he will stay out of your hair.
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