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Message Subject Young men giving up on marriage: ‘Women aren’t women anymore’
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
IF woman do not behave like womans as God had intended them, they become whores, and adulteress and sexual objects for the short period of their beauty.

A woman has to invest everything on one man and one man only. That is the only way the man will KEEP HER past the point of her beauty.

So what we have today is that woman who got deceived with the whole independence/equality, of being modern woman, having careers, and not subjecting to their husbands is that they end up getting thrown out.

Just like woman got deceived. Man got deceived as well.

The only reason a man will see a woman as the only woman of his life, or the woman for the rest of his life is if the woman is a virgin and subjects to him.

If the woman does not, then she cast her husband away, become an adulteress and not a single man will see her as a potential life time partner, but just an object of pride/lust/vanity.

Woman therefore get cycled by man who only use them and when they get past their 30's, 40's, they realize they will never have a family, that no man will ever keep her, because SHE NO LONGER HAS HER YOUTH, BEAUTY, INNOCENCE, EXCLUSIVITY to offer.

Woman now can choose, thats a good thing, but not only they have to choose the right man, but they also must submissive to that husband, BECAUSE THATS THE ONLY THING THAT BALANCES A MAN KEEPING THE WIFE ONCE SHE GETS OLD.

So she has to choose, be an object for two decades, and most dont even really get full benefit from it.

Womans are on a time bomb, the more they invest on a man, the more submissive they have to be, because older they get, less chance they have to find a man who will treasure her.

There is no amount of anything that will save a lone woman on her 40's. If by that time she didnt gave all her heart so one man and bound him to her, then she has nothing to offer.

And man likewise, to surpass a young woman as a sex object, only a woman who is fully devout and submissive to him since her youth.

Otherwise the first time the woman is disrespectfull he will look her, see that she is no longer fair enough to justify that disrespect and will just pick a 18 year old girl instead.

And the woman will be left alone, no more as the beauty/mature fruit ready for the ripe. Will realize she cant compete with the other young woman. BECAUSE THATS GOD's DESIGN that woman get old and no man will endure any of her ramblings past a certain point.

And all because she got deceived into thinking she was like a man, when God clearly has not intended so.

So the only way a woman can have a stable fruitfull family, a fullfiling relationship, a husband that will love her no matter if she is young or old to her latter days, IS TO REALIZE THAT SHE SHOULD HAVE INVESTED ENOUGH INTO HER HUSBAND.

And a circle only runs around one axis.

If she does not comply and be a submissive woman to her husband, then nature will screw her.

She has to make the choice.
The younger the woman gets her husband and lives for him, the stronger the bound that will keep him to her.

Now a woman on her 30's would be delusional to think that she will find a man willing to constitute family with her and live all his life with her.

Realistically, if a woman has not found a husband until her 25 years old or so and INVESTED everything ON HIM, to make him his husband rather than career/job, its all downhill from there.

A woman can be self willed and rebellious if she is a teenager or up to her twenties, buts its a time bomb, the longer the time passes the more she has to addapt and submit to her husband.

What a woman has to offer to a man, has only worth if the man got it from the beggining, her innocence, beauty/youth, possibility of many healthy children, and rejoicing/refreshment on her breasts :D

That all runs on a clock. She can give much more than a man wants or needs when she is young, but if

If a woman invested enough and made that husband really happy/love her for the years of his life, then he will not throw her away once she gets old. They will live happily ever after.

Thats the mechanic of a relationship. Woman gives everything first, so that the man will keep her later on.

If the woman does not give enough, then the man will find another woman and the former will remain alone.

How come these inteligent modern woman dont realize that? They all go a whoring, picking man like man pick woman, unbeknown to the fact that the longer they whore, the less likely to find someone who wants more than just her decaying flesh.
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