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Message Subject Young men giving up on marriage: ‘Women aren’t women anymore’
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
All these females who realized they fell in a trap and they now look around and realize there is no going back.

They are old and alone. They have not done enough.
They didnt choose the right person to be their husband.

They believed that keep trying they would eventually find a man "suitable for her".

Now, there is not a single man who considers them "suitable for him".

Its not about having a sex partner.

Women were led to believe they could use sex as a power balancing tool in the relationship to get leverage.

The only way a marriage can work is if the women down right treat the man as the Lord of her life.

Sex as a leverage for power/control/freedom in a relationship only works until the woman is 25-30 years old and only gets weaker as the time goes by.

The only thing that keeps a man loving a woman, and that most of the women in the last 30-50 years WONT EVER EXPERIENCE, is that she gives him the rule of the relationship.

The husband has to be the reason for her to live and be in a relationship. It cant be for herself. It cant be for the children.

The woman cant focus on "career" or "study" or anything else.

For the family unit to work, one of the two has to submit to the other.

Women who treat relationships as a negotiation table will be evaluated on those standards. Once they no longer can keep up their side of the bargain:

1. being the first woman of a man. Very Valuable.
If the woman has had dozens of other men. There will always be some restrictions on the man's heart. The fact there were other men before him. That kind of thing.

It cannot be compared with how the man evaluates a woman when he knows he is the one and only of her life.

Now, for the women to score high on this criteria, at the current day and age, she likelly has to be very young.

Wich comes to the second criteria.

2. Youth and Beauty.
All young women are naturally attractive. That is by God's design. The older the women get, the less attractive they become.

Even a very ugly woman is attractive if she is healthy and young.

But once a woman gets old, there is nothing much she can do to defeat nature, no matter how beautiful she once was. She is competing against younger women.

For criteria number 1 for a western "modern" society, is more like a bonus, rather than a requirement. So many men will not require a woman to be a virgin, but either way, you can be certain that men would prefer his wife to to have had dozens of other males who fucked her.

So even then, the beauty criteria was made to be more relevant. Such a focus was given to beauty, through pride, vanity, covetousness that women were led to believe that JUST BEING BEAUTY WAS ENOUGH.

And thats where they fell.

Not only their beauty is temporary, but the beauty also is not enough to win the heart of a man.

So the actual main criteria ends up being a hidden one.
One that the main stream media, the entertainment industry, culture, education, etc dont talk about. In fact, everything was done to boycott that.

Wich stems back to the fact that women were made for men, not the other way around.

Women are supposed to live for their husbands, be submissive, servile and obedient to them.

All that religious "bullshit" you get from judaism, christianism and islamism.

Thats how everything worked for thousands of years until the 1950's, when TPTB started to make women feel equal, independent, have the same authority and power as men.

Through "science" and birth control, through feminism ideologies, through changes on laws, costumes, labor structure, every single culture venue started to portray a glorified image of what was an impractical women role for society.

In short, thats how everything went down.

A woman who gave her heart to her man, will keep him.
The woman who made demand, tried to negotiate and be rebel, transitioned into lonely moms and over glorified young sex objects.

This is very sad, because many women, had lost their lifes never fully loving and being loved. Because they never gave themselves integrally to their husbands. Never really achieving a stable family unit.

And now, many of them, blame it on man. Who likewise were deceived to treat woman as sexual objects only and to expect them to also work, besides being a wife and a mother.

Women who understand and accept the role of being a wife and a mother will not be forgotten/thrown out or exchanged by younger girls.

Most women never knew that all they had to do was to LOVE THEIR HUSBANDS UNCONDITIONALLY. This is still much stronger than beauty, age or sexual history/background.

You may learn from this.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35490600

Women should learn to be independent on their own. That will always serve them, men come and go, but that is forever.

All else is bullshit.
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