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Message Subject Young men giving up on marriage: ‘Women aren’t women anymore’
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here's an honest question:

If a woman is in a situation where she
1) works full time
2) is the primary caretaker for the kids
3) does all the domestic duties around the house, too

Then honestly, why SHOULD she be married rather than choose single motherhood?

Seriously, forget the religious fundie/biblical arguments and use logic for a minute.

If she can financially support herself, and the man isn't doing the cleaning or helping with the caretaking, and she's pretty much assuming all responsibilities anyway, why not just choose to be a single mother?

A lot of women don't enjoy sex anywhere near as much as men, so that annoying obligation is out of the way.

So many marriages are dysfunctional, that friends and family are a better source of emotional intimacy than a spouse. Especially after reading this thread, it seems like most men have serious issues that aren't worth the trouble of a woman dealing with.

Most women outlive men, and marriage is no guarantee the guy won't leave her for a younger woman in a few years anyway-- so she's likely to end up alone whether or not she marries.

Honestly, short of finding that very rare situation where a spouse is genuinely a wonderful person to spend life with, there is really no advantage to being married-- and many added stresses and disadvantages.

So why not choose to do it alone?
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