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Message Subject I was called a blonde haired, blue eyed devil....
Poster Handle Think First
Post Content
I wouldn't let it get to you. They simply don't know any better mate.
Would you let someones insults get under your skin if you were aware many of them are not literate?
Think about it.
They refuse for the most part to speak English, they have a twisted view on the Reconquesta and La Raza ideologies. They see light skinned individuals as a threat for several reasons.
1. The Spanish conquistadors were often reported to be light eyed, light haired and light skinned.
2. The conquistadors were selected based on violent tendencies, these genes spread when they bred with the already violent native populations of that area *think blood sacrifices, etc*.
3. The majority of the Hispanic society are under the thumb of the Revised Roman Empire *Catholic Church* Catholic meaning universal *as in a one world religion*.

As you can see when a population is literally watered down when it comes to being informed they will believe whatever they are told. They cannot help it. They have zero reasoning or spatial thinking outside what is presented to them.
It also doesn't help they are so backward they literally have a cast system as in the La-Casta. Do not believe me?
Google it!
The very rich, wealthy and all the Actors in the South are all light skinned with Euro features while those on the lowest ladder strung are the darkest.

It is a class system divided on itself and unfortunately it is happening here in Murrikannot right now.
Divide and Conquer. You know better, act accordingly.
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