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Message Subject I was called a blonde haired, blue eyed devil....
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There's a history behind the true nature of the hatred surrounding people who have blonde hair and blue eyes.
And no, it does not come from the days of WW2...

It's actually in some culture's DNA.
When you trace the first sightings of people with those genetic traits and their first dealings with peoples who are not what we call Hispanic, you see the real answer. It was not a pleasant time for those cultures when they interacted with people of a different race. Probably terrifying actually. So you see, it's not a matter of their opinion of you in particular, it is ingrained in their actual DNA!
A lot of what we call racism today, can be traced back our ancestors, and the residual memories of when our cultures first came in contact with one another. It doesn't make it fair, or right in any sense.
But we have to take these things into perspective.
One might ask themselves why do I have somewhat racist thoughts? I.am not a racist.. the answer is there. And it is the same answer for a lot of questions.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5889823

Sorry to quote myself, but I forgot to mention.
The ancestors of these cultures who may have a residual hatred toward people with these traits, also may stem from their folklore.
Most of the people who are now Hispanic had at one time
Mythologies involving spirits, or demons with blonde hair and blue eyes.
And those subconscious memories don't just fade away. They are stuck there, until eventually thought patterns change entirely. I'm not really sure how the mechanism works myself. But I'm positive of its existence.
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