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Message Subject To the "Religious"
Poster Handle VeryNigh
Post Content
Double fuck you for not even being able to put together a coherent argument. Did Jesus carry a fucking Bible? Did he even carry a fucking Torah?

The Lord's not in you. It is kept locked away in a fucking book I burned.

Which is it anonymous coward? he's "in you" or he's "in the <expletive> book you burned"?

I hardly see how your demonstration of the diversity of the f-word makes you enlightened or even worth listening to.

While we're on the subject of Jesus, he didn't promise the truth later... he delivered it. So... you know... deliver something more than a rage-fueled, vulgarity-laced rant and maybe your message will be removed from the 'rage-monster, whack-job, with a four-letter vocabulary' and actually received and considered.

Uno mas thing while I'm on it... if the books you hate so badly are all gone, how then does one learn about the people and things inside them?

Prediction: I get a skull giving me the finger and some incoherent babble with several curse words laced in.

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