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Message Subject To the "Religious"
Poster Handle K.Kool
Post Content
After doing some research into Freemasonry,
I see I am an enemy of yours,
for my knowledge and belief in a supernatural world.
I'm curious, why do you denounce the supernatural?
 Quoting: K.Kool

Masonry does not have an opinion on matters which are subjective. Extra-sensory experiences are responsible for drawing MANY men to Masonry.

There is no conflict. There is no denunciation of the supernatural.
 Quoting: simultaneous_final

So, you do believe truth can be transmitted to humans via individual revelations, and discovered for all, not only through logic?
 Quoting: K.Kool

Spiritual knowledge comes through initiation and revelation. Initiation and revelation take many forms. Only deductive logic can be trusted fully. Inductive logic can never be depended on for "knowledge". It will give you a good idea when it comes to practical everyday things, though.
 Quoting: simultaneous_final

Logic is a starting point, and a great helpmate through a spiritual journey, but if you depend upon it to reveal the whole truth to you, you'll always be outside, looking in through the window.

No human is ever able to get to the full truth alone, without the spirit - more than anything, finding the way to have the spirit inside you, will make spiritual knowledge a reality instead of conjecture.

Initiation - if you mean into secret societies, hiding from the light of truthful encounter in the world, I'll stay with the rites of the Church, the sacraments are the food and water and shelter for the soul.
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