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Message Subject To the "Religious"
Poster Handle to the disgruntled
Post Content

A Man cannot serve two Masters.

Therefore, to those who call themselves Christians.

You are a bunch of lying sacks of shit who bring shame to the name of Jesus the Christ.

You are supposed to be fighting for one thing and one thing ONLY. That is the Kingdom of Heaven as he had described it to you.

He told you to remain apart from this world. But no! You have been seduced by it. You have been tricked! You have been utterly lied to. You have been lead to defend nations created by the imaginings of Man. You have forsaken his true word. You have become a shame, a SHAME!

How dare you claim to believe in him and his word and DO WHAT HE TOLD YOU TO DO!

Proud Americans, Proud Englishman, Proud Irishman, Proud Australians, Proud, Proud, Proud, Your fucking pride disgusts me!

And you expect a savior. You expect redemption.

You shall have none unless you COME OUT!!!

To the Muslims, how are YOU any better?

You get pissed because someone insults Muhammed, you fucking Idolators.

FUCK MUHAMMAD! FUCK HIM every way to sunday.

You with your kneeling and praying and kneeling and praying and kneeling and praying, for what?


Allah is your god huh. Well fuck Allah to! I have that crown bitch!

What will your praying do to retrieve it?

Your praying is for naught!

You oppress your people who yearn to be free.

You claim to be a Nation of Islam, yet you are utterly divided as a people.

Why? Because you follow people who hunger for fucking power over you. You beg for someone to serve. You are neither free in your hearts nor you mind.

Your Quran has done NOTHING for you.

Today I wipe my ass with it's pages!
I spit upon it!

It is a cursed thing to me.

For it is nothing but another pile of Gold that your people lust over and fight over, and kill their enemies and friends over.

You value paper MORE than LIFE!

Can you not see how badly you were deceived?

To the children of Isreal, oh what an abomination you have become. YOUR Nation is not supposed to exist until God's heavenly kingdom come. Yet you have been seduced to accept from your own enemies what is not yours to receive!

All of your books are garbage. Utter garbage. Vile wasted words of garbage. Stupid people. You need to go to books to find God's word when God's word should be what proceeds from YOUR mouth at all times. For God is the spirit of life, and YOU value it NOT.

Fuck you, Fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you all again for you have not love in your heart for what God has created, but have sold your souls to that which Man made with his own hands.

A curse on you all!

May the Heavenly father wipe you all from this earth. YOU are a plague to his creation.

And those who seek to baffle with bull shit new age razzle dazzle to mystify the unaware. Hell has a special place for you and your crystal waving, charm making, tarot reading, false prophecy making, sell another book to pad your fat ass ways.

Fuck you all.

God is the spirit of Life.



You cannot serve two Masters.

You serve life, and seek to preserve it, and make a blessed thing for future generations to inherit, or you stand against the very being who called it all into being.

Fucking hypocrites.


Thus says the Son of Man
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18016289

you can either serve and invest yourself within this world

or you can serve and invest yourself within the true Kingdom

this is not our first estate

and it will surely not be our last, regardless

this is just the virtual killing floor of/for that which appears to represent all of "life" to the profane

and in truth doesn't hold a candle to it...

as well as the training ground for those who aren't yet aware of such, and have opted to learn the hardest way possible, which is normally for the best

to which "he who laughs last" will cheerfully attest

after the fact

; )
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