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Message Subject Why men cheat - this is for all you ladies out there
Poster Handle SimplyDelicious
Post Content
I already know what causes a man to look elsewhere. Honestly it doesn't take a high sex drive to suck a guy off. I will tell you why at times I wouldn't want to...if you take too long to come. Just get it over with , we get tired of sucking and sucking and you trying to stifle it for as long as possible. If she won't attend to your needs she is just simply being selfish and you should stop attending to her needs. yes I blow my Fiance whenever he wants if I'm not in the mood. That doesn't make me a slut, it means I understand his needs and if I don't meet them he will find someone who will. After we are married I will continue to do the same. A lot of girls think they have the ring, and so your needs don't matter...I lost my first husband that way. Never again will I put my partners needs on the shelf.
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