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Message Subject Why men cheat - this is for all you ladies out there
Poster Handle whelen35
Post Content
My wife and i have had the same type of issues like that now for 19 years. At this point with children in the picture I can't step out on my kids. But I have found that if I find things that I enjoy doing that can't be discountted and "unhealthy" but in the extreamly rair times when she is in the mood and very frustrated that something else is of more interest than sex with her, it really seems to hurt her quite a bit. After a few days, she becomes very sexually agressive. At this stage in life I actually enjoy the fact that she feels slighted. For many years we went to the marriage coulselors and when they would say she needed to change and be more sexual she would then want to change counselors so in th hopes that they would tell us that I was the real problem. Going through 5-6 people and her not gettingthe answer she wantted we stopped. Now that it has been used so little, I don't seem to care. She knows that I would and have never cheated in out marriage. Without a healthy sex life, the fire dies, and you just end up raising your kids and then finding things to do so you don't have awarkward time together. I hope my children do better in their lives than this. If you have no children, seek some help and determine if it is possible to get what you are looking for in marriage with your wife. If not, you both have timeto find that, is that not what we all are looking for in life. a partner who we love and feel loved by. A person who no matter how long together still make your day better just by seeing them or talking to them. Do this before it is too late.banana2
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