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How I possibly see the events unfolding after Sandy Hook

User ID: 31762671
01/13/2013 04:49 AM
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How I possibly see the events unfolding after Sandy Hook
I have been trying to put the puzzle pieces together.
I have always been more of a macro type of thinker, and look for bigger patterns rather than focusing on the small details. And here is what I am seeing right now.
Sandy Hook:
Obvious Hoax, the official stories do not match up. I do not know the full details, on whether if everyone they say died, if the numbers of children dead are different, or if anyone died. The bigger picture is that the pieces of the official story do not match up, and there are some VERY curious things about the whole scenario. To me and my intuition, it was a staged event. How staged this was, is unknown to me or anyone else right now except those who overseen it. I say overseen, because maybe Lanza actually did it and did go nuts etc. But perhaps they were waiting in the wing for it to happen. Etc. etc. this is another topic on its own, then we can get into MK Ultra, handlers, drugs, trigger words etc. To me, either way I look at it, it was overseen.

The move for the 2nd amendment:

At first this was seen as the obvious reasons for the sandy hoax shooting. Get people emotional in regards to children dying, any normal person would feel extreme sadness and empathy knowing 20 innocent children have died. And back to the Aurora shooting, this is the second extreme example this year of a mass shooting this year. And people already wanted guns gone at that point, so this one is just icing on the cake for the anti gun lobbyist. I’m sure the psychopaths lobbying to get rid of the guns when hearing about this,their first thought was how can we use this now and not actual empathy.
A move for the guns this did fruition… and we had Joe Biden and Obama try to take some action. And this was met with violent upheaval from patriots. Which leads into the next part…
Patriots are Crazy:
In this power play, we have Bullhorn, who I intuitively feel is an authentic man and not another agent. However he is being played, this is quite obvious. He plays right into them… Just like we are, and have been. He plays right into them by facing off with Piers Morgan on CNN, who most people would loose their temper to. He looses his cool on CNN, for a few reasons: To be heard by Piers, who Bull clearly disliked, and also to get all his information out as quick as possible in the time frame he had. Something told me Bull was not supposed to say certain things on air, and did so anyways and this is the reason he was not given his third segment, at this point he could have been a threat to their plot
Pack Your Bags:
After the Bullhorn chapter, who made every 2nd amendment loving, pro patriot, or conspiracy theorist look like a red blooded Texan and “whacky” (No offence Bullhorn, you played right into it)… The sheep’s consensus is that he is nuts, if they have heard of him at all…

Then we have the pack your bags dude saying he will run around killing people if they try taking the guns… Again, not a disinfo agent, he has just been played from his temper, they are playing these people like a card game. Someone out there in youtube land was bound to say something similar to him…
The results are, not only are we crazy for what we believe to be true, we are also violent.
And now the gun debate seems to be cooling down for the time being… and I believe this will be the next chapter.
Return To Sandy Hook: The “Evidence”
There will be further disinformation and further character portrayal of conspiracy sites, patriots , etc. as being lunatics. This will go on in the media up until they release “evidence”. Which will then prove all of these “lunatics” to be wrong.
Now they will go after the internet… and censoring of sites like this. I am not sure how this will all play out, but I feel as if it is the next targeted piece, as people have said elsewhere.
I believe during this time there may be another staged event, or a real event to occur, but a somewhat “minor” one compared to what a much bigger false flag to occur when they have taken away open internet and not restricted “private investigation” into events which are deemed to be criminal in nature. Somehow that will be the next target, maybe not just sites like this, but the actual questioning of things when “professional” and “sanctioned” investigations are taking place. Make it illegal to question official story… as to not offend anyone and cause damage etc. etc. etc.

Crazy Conspiracy Theorist Terror Attack:The final chapter in this as far as I can currently se…, after this event it will be a lot different and is unclear. Someone else may have a better idea. But I think this much is certain. There will either be a staged, or a real life event… again “overseen” where they completely stage a terror attack from the “Get Your Bags” stereotype of a person… or someone actually does go crazy out there and commits a heinous crime that fits that bill. Can already see it now “Bullhorn listener does x and y “ Where they will be able to track the data on his computer see he was into anti government conspiracy theories etc. And bham! All of a sudden it is a terrorist act to question the government. The internet is removed, and the second amendment is as well now, or if not we are close to it… and here we go NWO times in America.
That is how I see the events possibly unfolding. .. Anyone want to comment?
Questioner (OP)
User ID: 31762671
01/13/2013 04:52 AM
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Re: How I possibly see the events unfolding after Sandy Hook
Keep in mind, they write their "reality" like a story or a script...

So it must be leading somewhere.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 22888087
United States
01/13/2013 04:55 AM
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Re: How I possibly see the events unfolding after Sandy Hook
next location: some place where guns are banned. likely nyc.

next one will be different. it won't be like the previous events where there was no actual proof of anything they said. it'll be live, it'll be televised, and it will be bloodier than the hollywood gangster movies. it will go on for hours. it'll still be staged, like ALL the others. children will be involved. the 'perpetrators' will precisely fit the description of what tptb deem to be their greatest threat. the president will react 'swiftly' with sweeping executive orders, so detailed and long it would have been impossible for them to be drafted in the short time before the televised staged event and the signing of the EO.