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Mali: Britain sends Planes to help French (Is this the next Afghanistan?)

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 28398783
01/13/2013 06:09 AM
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Mali: Britain sends Planes to help French (Is this the next Afghanistan?)
Britain will provide transport planes to assist the French military operation in Mali, Downing Street has confirmed.
David Cameron spoke with Francois Hollande on Saturday evening as France attempted to contain al Qaeda-linked rebels in the north of the West African country.

Mr Hollande has raised his country's terror threat level amid fears of retaliatory attacks in France. He said France "has to take all necessary precautions" in the face of a terrorist threat, including "surveillance of our public buildings and our transport network".

A Downing Street spokesman said last night: "The Prime Minister spoke to President Hollande this evening to discuss the deteriorating situation in Mali and how the UK can support French military assistance provided to the Malian government to contain rebel and extremist groups in the north of the country. "The Prime Minister has agreed that the UK will provide logistical military assistance to help transport foreign troops and equipment quickly to Mali.

[link to uk.news.yahoo.com]

Seems to me militant Islam's moving its HQ to Mali - it's nearer to Europe and close to the "Arab Spring" countries for allies; Egypt, Syria etc. Things are hotting up I think.