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Message Subject WARNING: Mega earthquake and Tsunami within hours to days - SERIOUS
Poster Handle NordicNeoShaman
Post Content
It's obvious to me something like this has been going on for a while:

- Lots of small quakes (constant swarming) in Alaska and California

- Much fewer much bigger quakes on the other side of the Pacific circle of fire

- The balance of the above keeps shifting

It also seems to me (though this is basically nothing new) that if it happens that the Alaska and California swarming peaks while it gets even quieter elsewhere, then that appears to be a sign of a big one coming within a few days.

The overall number of quakes over the last 24 hours has decreased to ~130 within the last few days, after being around 200 with 160-170 taking place in Alaska and California alone.

It's as if the whole Pacific plate was actually destabilized as theorized by Suspicious0bservers and others. All those mysterious booms around the US also seem to hint to something very big going on underground. My bet would be it has to do with changes affecting the whole solar system, again as explained by S0 et al.

People have been having dreams and visions of a huge tsunami or series of tsunamis around the world for years. Just read the comments of this blog entry, for example: [link to sonael.wordpress.com]
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