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Message Subject WARNING: Mega earthquake and Tsunami within hours to days - SERIOUS
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Aawww Rom, Give OP a break! Sounds like ur testing him.
He's been courageous enough to place it up here.
God bless him for obeying the Spirit of God.

OP I believe in words of knowledge.

I would love to hear your testimony.

Would you mind sharing it, and talk about your relationship with God, and how you feel about living the Christian life.

It could be on another thread. Let me know OK? Thanks.

Mega earthquake and Tsunami within hours to days.

This is not a thread to troll, I don't care about BS flags or abuse.

I received a word of knowledge that there will be a destructive tsunami following a massive earthquake VERY SOON. Hours to days but LESS than a week.

No location was given.

The important message is:

If you feel a long lasting earthquake, 50+ seconds, and you are near the beach go inland and up a strong building 2nd or third floor.

If you are ON the beach and see the tide go out suddenly don't just sit there and stare waiting for the tsunami to come.

RUN INLAND and to higher ground or up a strong building.
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