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they're still around?

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User ID: 6886051
United States
01/13/2013 10:45 AM
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they're still around?
I thought that it was at least possible the ningtards would have all scattered by now . . . guess not.

So what's the new date for catastrophe? Has she given one or is it just a vague reference like "still impending"?
Forgive your enemies, it messes with their heads.

User ID: 33767429
United States
02/06/2013 11:01 PM
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Re: they're still around?
They're still around - dwindling in numbers but still around.

Membership on the ning is down to 356. There appears to be an automatic dump and delete on members if they don't post on a regular basis.
“Fear always springs from ignorance” - Ralph Waldo Emerson