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Science as it's presented today is in large part a falicy

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01/13/2013 12:43 PM
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Science as it's presented today is in large part a falicy
Most who have a brain realize there are two sciences. Mainstream science, and sciences that are kept under wraps and never get talked about like Tesla. Medical science is lunacy, perpuated by doctors that are either willfully ignorant, or have fallen victim to a corrupt medical institution fronting lying about contagious germs, and vaccinatable diseases. Rampant stupidity prevalent throughout what would be considered intelligent communities, who in reality are no less educated than the common man, having paid for years of college to recieve lies, knowledge to vaccinate and compromise the immune systems of his common man. So much is possible and the information is readily available but most do not seek knowledge. Simple things thought as facts and proven wrong could change everything we think we know. Which is virtually dog shit, because we get our information from the people who's intentions are to keep us out of the information loop. Rant off. Idol1

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