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Message Subject Fox News says Scientology prepared Tom Cruise to fight a real alien invasion.
Poster Handle not anyone special
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AC whichever who is being accused of being a scientology shill- cannot be a scientology shill. Essentially due to the constraints that the GO and OSA operate under, they couldn't post that.

LRH, and Scientology itself, are both COMPLETE DISTRACTORS to the essnetial techniques and philosophies that they have made partial use of.

Dianetics is an extension- and a really good one- of one branch of psychotherapy. Dianetics wasn't - 95% wasn't- created by Hubbard. A LOT of people were involved in the creation and develoment of both Dianetics and Scientology. This information is not hard to find and has largely been documented on a couple scio message boards.

Scientology is an extension of psychotherapy techniques combined with worldwide religious/mystical/brain change philosophies and technologies. Aside from money and name, almost nothing in scientology as such is in fact researched or developed by Hubbard. Like, next to zero. He wrote- or edited- a lot of the materials, yes. But he wasn't a dedicated researcher. St. Hill had dozens- DOZENS of those. Their stories are all over the net.

The Church of Scn is bankrupt- maybe not in the bank account sense- but as an organizaton, a religion, and aorce for change. The subject- Scientologie (original, from the ORIGINAL german book
predating Hubbard) is not. It is, in fact, finally undergoing some real development as the power of the Church (following their MASTERS in government and business!) wanes and the ability to write about and practice religio/technical brain/mind change and soul awakening - as that ability comes back out of a dark hole of lawsuits and back into the hands of people.
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