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Message Subject Fox News says Scientology prepared Tom Cruise to fight a real alien invasion.
Poster Handle aliensbro
Post Content
This forum is filled with people who have essentially restated the Scientology theory on their own, just using different terms.

This forum constantly accuses all sorts of people of being "demonically possessed". This forum constantly accuses all sorts of people of being "psychically controlled by evil entities" and "attacked by evil spirits". This forum constantly accuses all sorts of people of "doing the work of their alien masters" in all sorts of convoluted cosmic conspiracies.

Hubbard used a less classical form of terminology for these age-old concerns. Lovecraft, Crowley, the Freemasons, the Rosicrucians and other had their own terms for these phenomena and Scientology has theirs.

The difference? Scientology is freakin' richer than some world nations, and thus has the money and the willpower to investigate these phenomena.

I wouldn't automatically embrace all their specific beliefs just on someone's say-so, but neither would I discount anything about their theories either.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27373102

There is no investigating going on. The purpose of Scientology is to get their members to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in mind numbing boring repititious mind control courses. Their membership and recruiting is down so now they are resorting to making their members retake (and pay for) the same courses they already took years ago. It is not a religion, it is all scam and hoax and blackmail to keep members from leaving.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4611350

Very easy to understand. What's not though, is why these people continue to pay these fees if they are not getting any gratification from it.. It's not that simple. If you could just say anything you want and start a religion out of it, and have people pay you a 100k to join, there would be alot more religions. He doesn't even present anything that sounds logical, or like it could be real. So I see no reason for the multiple celebrities that follow this religion to do so, I would be very interested in hearing from them in their own words why they do so..
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