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Message Subject Fox News says Scientology prepared Tom Cruise to fight a real alien invasion.
Poster Handle aliensbro
Post Content

You draw your conclusions from falacy, and imagination.. Humans are creators. If there weren't something special about humans why would any species/race be interested in our preservation? Our dna contains the ability to go above and beyond out of the physical plane and into the spiritual planes and realms you hear of in myths. Our creators do not have this ability, and this is why we are so valuable to them, and kept under great control. For if we found out our true capabilities our masters would no longer have a hold on us. They splice alien DNA with female neanderthal DNA to make modern humans in their own image, a way to find a loophole if you will. Their DNA is uncapable, ours is capable but unintelligent, so they splice intelligence with capability and create the ultimate species, so that through means of loophole they are able to advance their species into higher planes and dimensional realms. Just my $0.02
 Quoting: aliensbro

You're talking about human POTENTIAL, not human REALITY. FACT: Our DNA is locked, jammed and encrypted. We don't know how to unleash metaphysical powers and even if we knew, we wouldn't know how to control it. A very few people in this planet, how to use metaphysical skills and most of them use it for the purposes of the dark cabala.

Humans are not creators. The current human race of Earth is prone to destroy more than create. You sound like a 10 yo kid who listened some CDs of new age lectures.

There are alien races interested in our preservation, because MASS-EXTINCTIONS of intelligent civilizations create karmic unbalance in the entire solar system. Not to mention, THEIR OWN past karma with humans for having used us in their wars, not exactly because they fell in love with us.

Grow up a little bit more and step out of your fairy tale castle before you say that what other people said was "fallacy and imagination."
 Quoting: UndercoverAlien

Current humans do destroy more than create. I am referring to human potential. Why would an alien race use humans in a war.. The first step in war is to eliminate the use of manned units.. You call me a new ager and then cite karmic unbalance? There are many texts which support what I have said, fallen angels, or however you referred to them, are the nephilim that breeded with earth's women.
 Quoting: aliensbro

Why would an alien race use us in their wars?? Are you serious?? Most ancient civilizations have historical accounts of "gods" leading human armies in battles, breeding "demigods" to lead men in wars, providing unknown weapons to specific "heroes" and "champions" to be used against enemies of cities that worshiped them. Ancient Greek texts, Egyptian, Hebrew, Hindu, you name it. All plentiful of accounts of warmonger "gods" puppeteering humans in their war games against other gods, who obviously were aliens.

I called you a new ager because of how you paint a fairy tale relationship between ancient aliens and humans, like we're the pinnacle of their agenda.
 Quoting: UndercoverAlien

An alien race would have no need to use bi-pedestal biological units in a war. This is what technology is for. Think unmanned drones. You didn't see people using dogs in WWII did you? That doesn't even make sense lmao.. like why? Texts support the existence of weapons said to have been used by gods, this is true. These gods, or demigods, are fallen angels/nephilim. And for them to maintain such a high involvement in our politics and entertainment and music, it's kind of naive for me to believe we're not the pinnacle (or atleast a very important part) in their agenda. What's even funnier beyond what either of us have said, is that either of us believe we have the ability to possess this knowledge in the first place.
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