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Message Subject Fox News says Scientology prepared Tom Cruise to fight a real alien invasion.
Poster Handle CaptiveR
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Is there not a very hidden and well-to-do collective mentality within the members of Scientology? I would definitely say that they know something the rest of us non-members don't. However, the boot could well and truly be on the other foot, and maybe it is THEY who have been manipulated by these so called "entities" for purposes unknown and incomplete yet.

From my experience, that is, explaining information from a friends prospective when he got involved with Scientology in the mid 90s, that at the time i will say he was vulnerable and easy to coerce into these kinds of things. The church promised him a good job, a new location in which to live, and even a partner. Sounds too good to be true, right? They convinced him to take a bank loan of nearly 5 grand, which he did even though he lied to the bank about the monies useage. They also tried to convince him to sell his motorbike (which he loved). In the end, his parents became worried and approached the local vicar at the parish church and they then went along to the Scientology recruiting office, explaining how they would get the local news authorities involved unless the money was handed back to my friend.

It's strange, they say there is over 1 billion follows now, but i am yet to meet a Scientologist for a good face-to-face.
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