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Message Subject Fox News says Scientology prepared Tom Cruise to fight a real alien invasion.
Poster Handle not anyone special
Post Content
Why is a videogame- or a wireless network- a road network, a minivan- a less valuable creation than a universe?

In a multiverse of entities like ourselves (though cloaked) with total omnnipotential- why - *how* can you relegate any creation to a lesser status than any other?

Or- Why is mechanical creation lesser than "supernatural" creation? Who says?
 Quoting: not anyone special

In a realm that can't manifest physically, such as that contained in a computer simulation, is invaluable because it isn't real. It serves no use to it's user other than to pass time. There is a place for simulations, and a place for mechanical creation. But both would be guidestones on your way to supernatural creation would they not? One would never start as a supernatural creator, and degrade to a mechanical creator, and then a simulator. So the fact that you must work up from mechanical creations and simulations leads me to believe that you are working up to the ability to use supernatural creation. This is one man's opinion based on theory and belief. Obviously you can draw your own conclusions and reflect on life how you wish.
 Quoting: aliensbro

Depends on your time arrow. Who says we are degraded? it's entirely possible our FUTURE- fully realized selves- created this little creation boot camp game. Time is a funny thing.

But, I still ask you- If you can creat universe rules to play in or video game rules to play in, why is one somehow more "uber" than the other? Why wouldn't we choose to experience all aspects of creative action as we are interested in them at various times in our eternity?

The creation of the Universe playing field is - yes- IMMENSELY more complex than the mechanics of a video game playing field. But, beyond our pure intention-ability -- both are mechanical at some level, philosophical at some level- and both involve the action of spirit/souls.
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