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Message Subject Fox News says Scientology prepared Tom Cruise to fight a real alien invasion.
Poster Handle not anyone special
Post Content
Scientology is a cult and Tom Cruise is a nut. This is a must read Operation Clambake.

[link to www.xenu.net]

 Quoting: Kinga

Everyone has read that. have you read *anything else*? or tried anything ?

clambake is oppositionally EQUALLY as slanted as LRH's stuff.

While I realize and accept that objectivity isn't possible in humans, you can get a lot closer than xenu net

The first several chapters of ken ogger's (the pilot) stuff in superscio is worth looking at, though the practical side you won't get a lot out of without some practical background (clearbird CT course for that)

several early issues of an old magazine called the aberee are available online, which provide a lot of background. one of the ex scio boards has several threads explaining history and who wrote what and what works (a lot involve alan walters)

Go look up SOMETHING besides propaganda- pro or con
 Quoting: not anyone special

What you're pushing is propaganda.
You've been swindled, TRUE knowledge isn't bought with millions of dollars. You've just fattened the pockets of swindlers.

[link to blogs.villagevoice.com]

[link to exscientologykids.com]

Yes, scientology is very dangerous indeed. I never for the life of me would expect Scientologists on this web board. Nazi-sympathizers were to be expected but not L Ron's sheeple.
 Quoting: jadksn 32181299

Allow me to reiterate. I have NEVER been in the church of scientology.

My background is psychology (oh yeah, and mysticism)- and I make use of FREE (as in liberty) developments of some of the technology. I do not idolize hubbard and don't honestly have much respect for him, though i have tons for various people who worked with him over the years.

I have found a lot of the history, from the church and from the clambake/exkids/ex smb to be full of bogons.

It is my stated and firm opinion that the Church of Scientology as it stands today is part of a conspracy to DENY the brain change technologies to the human populace.
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