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Message Subject I am Jesus Christ
Poster Handle Rising Son
Post Content
I applaud you for taking OP at his word, but I fear that he has not lived up to your expectations through his words and actions on this thread. I could be wrong, and God knows I have been in the past, but I cannot imagine Jesus Christ flaunting His existence for all to see. In that respect, this thread is in the theme of prideful arrogance, and causes me to doubt the OP's authenticity. The Son of God cannot declare His own personage with His words, He must demonstrate it through His actions, and the world must make the determination who they feel He is in their heart. As Jesus demonstrated in the scriptures, He wanted others to make up their own mind about Him, and that is why He constantly asked them who they thought He was.
 Quoting: Rising Son

Did I doubt you?

What shall you have him do?

Shall I put him to the cross again?

This time I walked the path for him.

You saw that I was like wise mocked.

Why shall he have to do like wise?

I did not doubt you.

I am baptizing you ALL in his name.

You do not have to prove your worth to me.
 Quoting: IAMIAM

You did not doubt me, and I am grateful for that. I think that the OP would do well to follow the advice you gave him in reading the Judgment Day thread in it's entirety, mostly to learn the lessons that others have before him.
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