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Message Subject I am Jesus Christ
Poster Handle IAMIAM
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Your are not only blaspheming the Most High God (the only God) but you are also fulfilling Bible prophecy. I recommend you seek the Lord, and ask for forgiveness or you will be Judged accordingly.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31973294
Yep, its all because we know God!
 Quoting: stars

Beautiful Stars!
 Quoting: IAMIAM
It is nice to be free!
 Quoting: stars

"If you're looking for a deeper meaning, I had this thought. In the Biblical description of the first Six Days of Creation, the third day (Tuesday) was the only day the words "and it was good" was written twice (a positive sign).

"Also, it dawned on me that the one and only Creator chose the Gregorian/Christian calendar date of 1/11/11 to share this with us . . . As the Baltimore motto goes, "Believe . . . Behave". Y’know, could that be “Believe in One Creator? Behave to all people?” Maybe Baltimore is on to something . . . Ma Rabu Ma'asecha Hashem!"
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